Friday, 25 May 2018

SEO Trends to Look for in 2018

Needless to state as to how important the Search Engine Optimization has become! Regardless of the fact whether it is a business website or a personal website, the website design and development process must be top notch. With every day growing market and changes there are changes in the SEO elements too.

SEO Trends 2018

It's been quarter of 2018, and the market is already trending with its new trends. It will be great to understand how useful these trends are and what to expect from it.

Importance of SERP Features

Search engine results page plays a significant role in the ranking of the pages on the Search engines.  The SERP features help in revealing more information or context beyond the standard results of the display. They show the cleaner, accurate, relevant and helpful for users to get their piece of content. Thus, the recent SERP features have -

  • Adwords
  • Featured Snippets
  • Reviews and Tweets
  • Image Pack, Video
  • Shopping Results
  • News Block

The dawn of mobile -First Indexing
It remains no surprise that more than 50% of the users use their mobile for searches instead of desktops. The search engine optimization services will, therefore, pay heed to websites based on the mobile version of the content. The content displayed on the site, whether through mobile or desktop, must remain the same. Using structured data, ensuring proper “href lang” tags exist, checking mobile usability with search console, etc. will help in getting a friendly and responsive website design.

The existence of featured snippets
By adding highlighted snippets, it adds more weight age to the site. Search Engine Optimization Company will agree that presently, 10% of the traffic that features snippets ranks the top in the listing page.

The loom of voice search
There are more than 50% of users who use voice search on a daily basis to avoid wasting time on typing. It is changing the online shopping experience too. It demands the business websites on infusing a conversation speech or question format content on the blog page or social media page or a Frequently Asked question page for better user experience. Many search engine optimization Company in India use Rank tracker to help in researching questions that a user is likely to ask.

Engaging users with useful content
2018 will look forward to link-worthy and user-driven content that makes sense for the audience and gives them relevant answers to their questions. 1500 words or more are expected to perform better as they draw more attention of the users and seek high ranks in at the search engines. Such pages receive more top backlinks and social shares too.

Hyperlocal to take off soon
The idea to target customers based on physical proximity is going to be the trend of 2018. This may require expertise from an SEO Company to target hyperlocal words more and optimize for local relevant appearances.

Interactive Smart Speaker
These are the speakers that are activated by voice and provide the result as per the spoken search. Users get to interact with the activated sound. It is going to benefit the sales of the site and thereby increase in generation of the revenue. CreativeClick, SEO Company in Indore, India provides brand positioning and engagement by using creative designs and using the integrated approach.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when SEO design of the website was thought as a onetime investment. These days the demand is for quality Search Engine Optimization Services and the SEO companies who can deliver the right output. From a business point of view, getting the right SEO professionals is imperative. Many SEO companies provide innovation, integrity, efficiency in the website design and make changes accordingly. CreativeClick is occupied with latest technologies to help you. With the cut-throat competition, it is evident to fulfill the trends of 2018 or call yourself an old school student!

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