Thursday, 4 January 2018

Building Brand Identity from Scratch

While so many corporate companies have mushroomed, only a handful of them resurface. If you zoom in and look at the reasons that attribute to the success and failure of these companies, you would know one thing for sure. Brand Identity is the key. It's not like what it used to be ten years behind. In today's scenario, figurine and maintaining an identity is everything. Unless and until, one comes to a consensus about what the brand is all about and present it exceptionally to the mass, staying afloat is tough. The primary objective of Branding and Printing solutions is to make your customers see you and believe that you are the only provider of your product/service. With these printing and branding services, one can efficiently utilize any communication you have with the customer to reiterate the brand. Regular conversation with the customer to ensure brand stability is the goal.

This post is all about how one can create that brand identity from scratch by using different tools that are available in the market.

• Corporate Identity:
Branding is connecting with the audiences emotionally while corporate identity is more about business connections. Anything that is visual or printed forms the corporate identity of that brand. A lot of consultancies that offer graphic designing services are available in India. Graphic designing services in India include printing business cards, letterheads, envelopes, brochures. These should depict what the brand stands for and its vision whenever it comes into the picture. 

• Direct Mail:
Direct mail could be a great tool to keep reminding the customers about the company. It could be used in accordingly many ways like letting the customers know about the company's developments, seasonal greetings, periodic offers, gentle reminders, and anything that you want your customers to know. A direct mail campaign could include anything from a postcard to a detailed catalog depending on what the situation in hand demands. 

• Point Of Sale Displays and Branded Stationeries:
Point of Sale Displays is a part of sales promotions. Brochures, coupons or even a sample of a product that a customer can take home is designed and distributed. The reach of these is much higher when compared to many other marketing campaigns.

Innovative and useable stationeries like pen drives, pen stand, pens, printed diaries, calendars etc. are possible with tools that the graphic designing services in India offer these days. 

• Banners:
Banners are an efficient way to draw attention from millions of people in one go. Their ability to attract instant attention because of its size and what it features is ideal for promotions. Small hoardings and digital banners are also useful in branding from scratch. Banners are the easy substitute for other expensive promotional methods.

We, at CreativeClick, are dedicatedly focused on serving you with the best available Graphic Design Services and Branding & Printing Solutions in Indore under a competitive budget so that your product or service could turn out to be a brand in no time.

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