Thursday, 23 November 2017

Raneka Industries Ltd -Growth and Contribution to the Indian Economy

“Curiosity is a willing, a proud, and an eager confession of ignorance” -S. Leonard Rubinstein, Writing: A Habit of Mind. To fulfill the curiosity about the knowledge of railways and machine parts, a locomotive industry working and a growth and contribution to the economy, an industrial visit was organized at Raneka Industries Ltd – Pithampur, by Digital Skills Valley and CreativeClick on 21st November 2017.

Ranek Industries Ltd - Digital Skills Valley & CreativeClick Team

Followed by a warm welcome from the Raneka’s team, complete tour of the industry was made, understanding each of its units and getting to know the contribution it is making for the industrial growth.

Raneka Industries Ltd is a major supplier of sub-assemblies and finished cast steel components to Indian Railways, BHEL, BWEL, BEML, L&T, etc. The company offers castings in carbon steel, low alloy steel, and manganese steel conforming to IS/IRS/ASTM/BS/DIN specifications. The weight of the products varies from a few kilograms to 400 kg per piece and more. These are supplied in unweld/proof machined/fully machined and sub-assembly conditions. The product range includes IRS/Loco/EMU side buffer assemblies, various types of axle box housings, high tensile steel cast wheels (for NG/tower car van), center buffer couplers (for MG/BG), a variety of bogie center pivots, cast steel brake beams and others.

Raneka Railroad components

It is a diversified manufacturer of Cast Steel Components. Raneka has the major presence in railroad, power and other heavy industries. The company has a monthly capacity of manufacturing around 1000 MT Castings of varied material composition, sizes, and weights.

Raneka Industries Limited was set us in the year 1990. It is located in the prime location of Pithampur Industrial Township which is geographically positioned in Central India. The factory is surrounded by multiple multinational giants such as Bridgestone, Lupin, Eicher Group of Industries etc.

Continuous Development

In the past, the main challenge was very high speed, but nowadays criteria such as energy efficiency, high capacity, customized comfort and ecological sensitivity are becoming increasingly important. That’s why Raneka’s philosophy is to combine proven design elements for optimum reliability, safety, low energy consumption and ease of maintainability with the opportunity to customize the interior layout for specific needs of each operator.

Inspiring Visit

This visit was made to Raneka industries with a motive to learn something new, challenging and pivotal role of cast steel iron industry in India. With a warm welcome by Raneka’s family, team members were overjoyed with their hospitality. Each section of industry was visited and work done in the unit was closely observed and understood by the members. Mr. Rajendra Jain, founder, and pioneer of Raneka Industries inspired everyone by sharing his journey of formation and growth of Raneka. Name ‘Raneka’ holds a very important and close relation to Mr. Jain. It was formed by combining names of three of his beloved new generation -Rahul, Neha & Kapil. These three hold a very important part in his big venture today.

The industrial tour ended with a new level of understanding about the factory, components, assembly, transport, overseas trade etc. Such knowledgeable visit of a prestigious firm really encourages and motivates everyone. With new enthusiasm, team members of Digital Skills Valley and CreativeClick returned overjoyed and carried lots of good memories along.

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