Thursday, 9 February 2017

Creating the Right Connect Through Content Marketing

With the growth of social as well as digital media, content has become the key to connect with your customers. Given the enormous amount of content being generated every day, it is important to have an engaging, interactive and innovative content marketing strategy to stand out of the clutter and grab the attention of your target customers. Unfortunately, very few brands at present are able to develop that cutting edge strategy to engage and interact with the customers.

Another problem could be that you may be producing very good content, but there are chances that it is not generating that expected ROI or engagement. 

So what is the key to generate that desired connect through content marketing? 

Just follow this simple and ongoing process of research, define, design and analyze. 

Define your Target Audience and do a thorough research on what interests them online

A brand would always design their product or service based on the likes and dislikes of their target audience. Thus, the set target group is already defined.

All you need to do is a thorough social media listening and research on your target group. This helps in two ways –
  • First it helps you decide the social media platform you need to explore based on where your target audience is not only active but approachable
  • Secondly it helps in knowing what kind of content your target group  prefers and engages with

Many marketers fail to consider the needs and expectations of their target audience and create content assuming that it will be liked by their audience. If you put up any content, without understanding the likes and dislikes or preferences of your target audience, you are deemed to make the biggest content marketing blunder.
Competitor analysis
Club competitor analysis as well in your research on target audience in order to understand what strategy your competitors are adopting and how is the target group reacting to it.

Thus, while designing the content strategy, you can think of different and innovative ways to engage with your customers.

Define - The central theme of the content strategy
Rather than random content, define a central theme. You can define this theme based on the essence or positioning of the brand.
For example, for one of our clients in intimate hygiene wash category, we had to generate category awareness among women and hence we defined our central messaging as “for the confident woman of today”. It was then easy to identify the various content we would generate under this theme and also the overall design approach for the community.

·      Design a long term, sustainable content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing, just like any other form of marketing, should have a strategy that clearly defines its objectives, expectations and expected results. Without appropriate and sustainable strategy, you may end up doing so many things but without attaining the desired outcome.

Once you define your central idea or theme properly based on your target group, the important step is to design a long term and sustainable content strategy. Define the content buckets, the amount of content to be generated daily, weekly and monthly. At this point it is also very important to ask yourself, how do you set yourself apart from others in the same space? How do you make a difference for your community?

Also note that do not resort to too much hard selling on social media. Create an online offline strategy such that your social media contests, offers, etc. creates offline footfalls.

Analyse your content strategy regularly and be open to changing it if required

Every social media content update has some or the other lesson to take away from it. Hence, it is crucial to gauge how your target audience is responding to your content. Is the strategy gaining the desired outcome and ROI. If not, figure out which content bucket is working well and which needs improvement.

Consumer is the king, and thus consumer insights cannot be neglected. Developing content marketing connect is not a onetime activity but an ongoing process and needs constant analysis, research, innovation and improvements to keep it sustainable. Be a front runner and pro-active enough to experiment.

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