Thursday, 14 December 2017

How to Create a Business in a Brand?

These days many businesses are thriving and striving hard in order to create their presence and enjoy higher sales. The business branding overall has become an eternal need of every business and without which it would be more difficult for any business to survive.

Earlier, people thought that branding is only required for the large businesses, but as the time moves on it is proved that branding is not just required for large businesses, but also for the small businesses.

However, it doesn’t matter whether you are heading a large business or a small business, but most important is that you should have a detailed strategy of branding your business in order to achieve success.

Below are the steps that will help you to create a better business brand

Follow KISS:

KISS is a most prominent branding terminology which stands for Keep it Short and Simple. Use Kiss while defining the name of your business because it plays an important role in your business branding. Most of the successful business brands usually have very short and simple names which are easy to pronounce and remember.

Just remember the names like BMW, Audi, Intel, Google etc. The longer or complicated business names are much difficult to pronounce and recall.

Use a creative logo:

People usually identify a business not only form its name, but also from its logo.  A business logo is the identity of every business that why special cares to be taken while designing the business logo. Remember, if somebody takes the name of Mercedes then the immediate thing that comes to the mind is the very famous three spoke Mercedes Benz logo. Same is with BMW and Audi. But this is not restricted to the automotive brands only, but other companies also like Microsoft, Apple, Nike, Mac Donald’s etc.

Choose the right color combination:

It’s not just the logo or business name, but the color theme of your business also plays a major role in its branding. Once you have identified your business name and logo then all your branding and promotional material should revolve around the color scheme that you have used in your logo. For example, most of the Mac Donald’s outlet uses the shades of Yellow in their interiors and promotional merchandise and even on the food packages because that color represents their business. Same is done by other brands like Dominos, Shell and DHL etc. The color of your business has a psychological impact on the minds of the consumers and that’s why it is important not to choose more vibrant or difficult colors. Use solid and simple colors like Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White and Black in their different shades.

Choose your USP and stick around it:

USP or a Unique Selling Proposition is a very small word but it has made a huge impact on many businesses. These days competition is intense and therefore in order to stand out from the competition, you need to have a USP of your business and your entire branding strategy revolves around the USP. The brand like BMW and Mercedes has its USP, as they offer premium and high safety products. While brands like E bay and Ali Baba has the USP as they offer a wide selection of very affordable products. Similarly, Mac Donald’s have their USP of providing the delusions burgers. The USP helps people to identify your business with a product or services. For example, when someone talks about a burger then first thing comes to the mind is the Mac Donald and when someone talks about the sports shoes then brand name comes to mind are the Nike, Reebok, Adidas, and Fila.

Do brand hammering:

One of the most important things for every business is the brand hammering. The brand hammering involves continues to push to the brand to its target audience so that people could easily connect with the brand. Although sometimes a brand hammering proves quite expensive because it requires many promotional and marketing exposures. In order to make your brand stand apart from other brands, you need to create a chain of TV commercial and print advertisements so that it will hammer deep into the minds of the consumers. Although, today in the modern age there are many digital marketing channels which are very much affordable and good for brand hammering.

Bring emotion to your brand:

These days because of the excessive stress and hectic lifestyle people are getting more emotional even for the small things. Anything that connects to their emotion brings out more success to the brand managers. If you have a product or services then create an ad commercial keeping in mind the emotion of the consumer. These types of emotional ads would more connect with the consumer. The people who are emotionally attached to a product or a service were more likely to remain loyal towards them for many years. Example of an emotional connection could be seen in many car advertisements these days in which marketers put more focus on the safety of your family, especially your kids instead of talking about the luxury features of the car. This brings a sense of emotion and responsibility in the parents towards their family and that highly influences their buying decision.  Sometimes they even ignore the most important factor i.e. price while buying a car based on their emotional concern.

Friday, 8 December 2017

10 Things to Keep in Mind before Hiring a Graphic Design Services

Today, Graphic Designing becomes as important as the website designing and the markets are flooded with some of the highly talented graphic designers in India. One of the best things about designing services is that they are capable of bringing creativity to almost each and everything which they design and that is what makes them exclusive in their work.  However, being a client sometimes it becomes quite difficult to hire a graphic designer or a designing services provider agency/company, as it takes a lot of brainstorming to pick the best one out of many.

If you are about to hire a design services agency or a company, and don’t want to spend much time in scrutinizing their CV’s then just follow these ten steps which will help you to pick a best designing services for you.

1. Experience: This is, of course, the first thing that you should look for in a graphic designer or a company. But, before that, you also need to take care of your budget. Most of the experienced designers always demand higher salary against their last drawn salary and it is very difficult to negotiate with them since they have many options already present. But there are many advantages of hiring an experienced designer as well. First, they have the knowledge of working on multiple platforms and software’s and second, they are capable of handling any critical or major project professionally. They are also capable of managing a team and work pressure.

2. Professional Skills:
This is perhaps the most important part of a graphic designing company profile. A service provider must have many professional skills which make them an expert in their own field. Some of the basic skills that every graphic design company must have are: the knowledge of software like Photoshop, CorelDraw and Aftereffects. Apart from this, they should also possess more specialized software like 3d animation, visual art, illustration and many more.

3. Knowledge: This is yet another criterion that will full fill your need for a competent design service. A firm should not only excel in the latest graphic designing software but, they should also have the parallel knowledge of their similar field. Like they have a designer with the knowledge of HTML or CSS would help you in some development work as well. Or maybe with some additional knowledge of image processing tools would help you in enhancing the vitality of your project.

4. Portfolio: A portfolio is the summary of all your past work and projects that you have worked on. You may be hiring an experienced agency, but the portfolio would let you know exactly which areas or projects they have worked.

Instead of hiring a one who has many years of experience working on a single project, you should hire the one that might have few years of less working experience but has worked in multiple projects and clients across the industry.

5. Communication: Today, what makes everyone to work seamlessly is the right communication. Nowadays, many graphic designing agencies and web designing company have to deal with many international clients. Therefore, the company or an agency should have graphic designers that have good command over spoken and written English. Because not only they need to talk to their clients, but on occasions, they also need to communicate with their clients over Skype or emails. The working team should also be very clear in internal communication so that he/she could manage other employees as well.
6. Confidence: This is not the quality related to their professional expertise but this is something that every human being possesses. While hiring a graphic designer, always look for the candidates that are more confident in their approach so that they could manage work effectively. Confident work force also never hesitate to question back to the client if the client is telling something wrong or illogical thing to do which could unnecessary enhance the cost or time of the project.

7. Understanding of the office tools: A designing team should not only have the graphic designers that have a high level of expertise, but they should also be capable of working with various office tools. For example, it should be well versed in using basic office tools like MS Excel, MS Word, Outlook, Skype, PowerPoint, Windows OS etc. because these are the things required on day to day basis in their office work.

8. Client Reviews: Another thing that will help you to pick best industry graphic designers out of many is by looking at their client reviews. Most of the designers & the companies are now working as freelancers and they already have their profiles on the top freelancing job platforms. You may check their profiles and go through their client testimonials and reviews on their work for better insights. This will tell you about their expertise level, time management and professionalism.

9. Job Success Rate and Design Portfolio: This is the thing that is usually neglected by most of the recruiters while hiring a graphic design services company. You need to look carefully & check out the details of the job done by them. A job success rate is something very important to judge the professional expertise of an agency and you may also ask them for the samples of their past work or the portfolio.

10. Remuneration: Finally, you have narrowed down to the funnel and came to the last thing before finalizing a designer or a company or the agency and that thing is the salary or the costing. Here, you need to be very smart in negotiating with the design service provider about quotes. Some of them work on contract basis, while some work on hourly basis. Never tell them about your budget first, rather ask their expectations and rates. 

Many designing agencies or companies quote much more for their services but you have to use your smartness and sharp mind to negotiate with them on the pricing to hire the best graphic design services company for your designing jobs to be done effectively.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Raneka Industries Ltd -Growth and Contribution to the Indian Economy

“Curiosity is a willing, a proud, and an eager confession of ignorance” -S. Leonard Rubinstein, Writing: A Habit of Mind. To fulfill the curiosity about the knowledge of railways and machine parts, a locomotive industry working and a growth and contribution to the economy, an industrial visit was organized at Raneka Industries Ltd – Pithampur, by Digital Skills Valley and CreativeClick on 21st November 2017.

Ranek Industries Ltd - Digital Skills Valley & CreativeClick Team

Followed by a warm welcome from the Raneka’s team, complete tour of the industry was made, understanding each of its units and getting to know the contribution it is making for the industrial growth.

Raneka Industries Ltd is a major supplier of sub-assemblies and finished cast steel components to Indian Railways, BHEL, BWEL, BEML, L&T, etc. The company offers castings in carbon steel, low alloy steel, and manganese steel conforming to IS/IRS/ASTM/BS/DIN specifications. The weight of the products varies from a few kilograms to 400 kg per piece and more. These are supplied in unweld/proof machined/fully machined and sub-assembly conditions. The product range includes IRS/Loco/EMU side buffer assemblies, various types of axle box housings, high tensile steel cast wheels (for NG/tower car van), center buffer couplers (for MG/BG), a variety of bogie center pivots, cast steel brake beams and others.

Raneka Railroad components

It is a diversified manufacturer of Cast Steel Components. Raneka has the major presence in railroad, power and other heavy industries. The company has a monthly capacity of manufacturing around 1000 MT Castings of varied material composition, sizes, and weights.

Raneka Industries Limited was set us in the year 1990. It is located in the prime location of Pithampur Industrial Township which is geographically positioned in Central India. The factory is surrounded by multiple multinational giants such as Bridgestone, Lupin, Eicher Group of Industries etc.

Continuous Development

In the past, the main challenge was very high speed, but nowadays criteria such as energy efficiency, high capacity, customized comfort and ecological sensitivity are becoming increasingly important. That’s why Raneka’s philosophy is to combine proven design elements for optimum reliability, safety, low energy consumption and ease of maintainability with the opportunity to customize the interior layout for specific needs of each operator.

Inspiring Visit

This visit was made to Raneka industries with a motive to learn something new, challenging and pivotal role of cast steel iron industry in India. With a warm welcome by Raneka’s family, team members were overjoyed with their hospitality. Each section of industry was visited and work done in the unit was closely observed and understood by the members. Mr. Rajendra Jain, founder, and pioneer of Raneka Industries inspired everyone by sharing his journey of formation and growth of Raneka. Name ‘Raneka’ holds a very important and close relation to Mr. Jain. It was formed by combining names of three of his beloved new generation -Rahul, Neha & Kapil. These three hold a very important part in his big venture today.

The industrial tour ended with a new level of understanding about the factory, components, assembly, transport, overseas trade etc. Such knowledgeable visit of a prestigious firm really encourages and motivates everyone. With new enthusiasm, team members of Digital Skills Valley and CreativeClick returned overjoyed and carried lots of good memories along.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Creating Engaging Content for B2B Businesses

Best Practices for Amazing Content Marketing for your B2B Clients

While content marketing is considered to be crucial for many B2B companies in India, the companies are still struggling to get it correct. The major factors that companies resort to content marketing is:

             - Create awareness
             - Generate quality leads, and
             - Position them as an industry leader

While it is somewhat easy to create awareness, and gradually generate quality leads, what the companies are struggling with is generating industry thought leadership. With so many companies competing with one another to get better SERPs for niche keywords, there is no depth of content and information.

The crux lies if providing content that stands out and that your readers look forward to.

Here is a brief sneak peek into how to write and provide engaging content to your customers:

Have a content strategy - to write and promote your content

Yes, marketers keep on saying have a content strategy but what we tend to overlook is that a strategy is needed for both creating a content as well as promoting the content.

A practice that we have adopted at CreativeClick! is that involving both content team and SEO team in terms of planning the content marketing strategy for a particular month. The team then works in sync both focussing on the outcome that needs to be generated by the end of each month for that client.

Include graphics or infographics to your content to make it visually appealing

Just a plain boring blog is very dull for a reader. A reader might click and land to your blog post, but looking at the sheer words and content, he might lose interest to read the blog in full.

So, what can you do to ensure that the so-called potential lead, reads about what you intend to convey?

The answer is simple; make it visually appealing by making using good graphics that gives a gist of what you intend to communicate to the reader.

Connect with your customers

Identify 5-10 target customers, these can be your current customers, and take a feedback from them regarding your content strategy. Ask them what it that they look forward to hearing from you is.
Remember, you are creating content for them, not for your own consumption. Though this is a very basic point, many companies still fail to create content for their customers and create content on assumptions on what they think the target customers would like to hear from them.

Interact with your customers with teaser campaigns

If you follow a proper content marketing calendar, creating a teaser campaign around the content on social media becomes very easy. This is one of the most engaging ways of connecting with your target audience and gets an insight into what is their approach, expectation, or view about that particular content topic. Further, when you publish this content, you can re-connect with them and take the conversation forward.

Add case studies in form of success stories

Always talk about what solutions you gave to a client as a success story rather than a case-study. Define a proper format in which you would like to share your success stories, highlight the challenges and the solutions you gave. If possible, make it visually appealing by using vectors, flowcharts, etc.

Add videos to your content

Currently, videos have a better reach as compared to other forms of content. Video already makes up 64 percent of all internet traffic, according to Cisco’s 2014 Visual Networking Index, and its forecast to grow to 80 percent of all traffic by 2019.

While we do recommend at least one corporate video on the website, it is always an added advantage to have a video testimonial of your client, as it makes your content marketing more engaging and lively.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Key to Making Your Social Media Content Engaging!

No doubt, social media has become an ideal platform for marketing, with brands restoring to various campaigns and initiates to connect with their audiences. It is a medium through which many brands are expressing their personality, creating awareness and are enjoying a great level of brand loyalty. But the trick here is doing it right.

The post in the form of blog, image, video etc. provides a possibility for people to react and engage with the brand which later results in conversions and brand experience. All this happens when the content is witty, consistent and well-thought of, so that it drives the audience to be hooked to your brand page for more.

Following are the tactics to create interesting social media post!

Have a strategy

Execution is just confusion without a plan! For an effective social media presence first step is to have a strategy which will act as your checklist to accomplish social media operations.

Here are some crucial points to create an engaging social strategy:

Step into your customer’s world!
  • Define your objective: Brand awareness or Brand loyalty, what’s your goal?
  • Define Target Audience: Based on demographic and psycho-graphic research.
  • Zero-down the Social Media platforms: Which platform is appropriate for your audience and brand?
  • Create a Social network strategy: Based on a research on what your target audience like consuming and what more can you offer via your content.

Have a theme

A theme is an abstract statement that enables your audience to understand the deeper meaning and the intention behind putting the content out for them. The crux here is to identify the purpose behind creating the content which will help you shape it. You have to use your theme to beam your idea into the mind of your audiences by understanding what will strike cord with them.

Define a central theme for your brand strategy and revolve your content around this theme. Moreover, time and again you can create sub-themes to make your content more interesting.

Keep your content writing crisp and clear

We live in an age where attention span is very low. A crisp and clear content, which is a well-structured, plays a vital role in providing a good user experience to the audience. A concisely written piece grabs reader’s attention and arouses their curiosity to know more. It doesn’t just pass the required information but is fairly understandable to the readers and is quick to consume.

Graphics speaks louder than words

Gone are the days of “titles invite readers”. Now a day’s graphic designing makes a bigger difference in an over-crowded social media feed. Out of the box graphics is a quick way to express the message, convey emotion, showcase product and offers. Keep them creative, informative yet simple.

Be a proactive content creator

Being proactive in nature will keep you updated, informed and ready to create engaging content. Be it any headlines or an article online, you should be in the research mode. Enthusiastic content creators are always scouring for a universe of information for premium content. You can use the information as an inspiration for your content further; it also plays an impactful role in keeping the content innovative.