Monday, 26 February 2018

How to Plan and Implement Digital Marketing Strategies Effectively?

India is emerging as a developing country all across the globe. With this, the level of competition to remain at a sound position in the market has also become more stringent. Everyone is running in the race to become more and more successful in every aspect. Where earlier it had always been required hard work to reach your destination, now its substitute has come into the market. Yes, hard work is being replaced by smart and more in-depth work. So the marketing strategies have also changed along.

Today in the era where every single day a new startup is coming into the frame, there maintaining your position in the market seems like a terrible challenge. As our world is shifting towards the digital one, so then our marketing strategies should. Earlier banners, hoardings, pamphlets and many more things were used to market your business to the public around. But digital marketing has captured the world. Even, digital marketing has itself become a career to opt. There are many digital marketing companies present in India today. The online marketing services or says the digital marketing services offered by them are just mind-blowing.

So basically, marketing is significant for a business to be more successful, and in today's world, it has become a necessity. Hence for the implementation of your digital marketing strategy successfully, first planning is a must. A perfect digital marketing strategy can give a good kick start to your business.

Here are the significant things which you should keep in mind during the planning and implementation of your Digital Marketing Strategies:

• Understand The Audience:
Understanding your audience well is the most significant issue in marketing right now. As many business people focus more on the marketing strategy for their business rather than the audience whom they are serving. In result, it fails their business market strategy. Remember, your customers are the God of your business. Understand their need and then plan accordingly. Find out ways to reach them in better and productive ways.

• Choose The Best Platform For Marketing: Choosing a platform where you can target the number of audiences should be taken into second most consideration. As marketing on a platform which catches the attention of not so much of people is not a proper successful marketing strategy. The platform can be a page or an account on social media, or a website, an application, or on TV channels, or maybe in Cinemas. Look if you will search for a marketing option, I bet you are going to find many. But finding a sure-shot platform requires research. Many digital marketing agencies in Indore are helping people to choose the best platform for marketing.

• Manage The Amount Required For Marketing: Marketing is an excellent idea to increase your sale but spending all your earning on it will be a stupid decision. As nothing in today's world comes free of cost, so does the marketing. Digital marketing requires a right amount of money. So, setting your budget first is a good step. Then you can plan accordingly. Even if you are left with not much money, still you don't need to worry about it as the digital marketing companies are so experienced that they can work with any amount of budget you say and still will give a successful result.

• Having A Website: Many people around severely misinterpret digital marketing as having an excellent webpage for your business. But it is not necessarily always the case is. Sometimes it may work and sometimes not. Just understand business and its requirements well and then plan accordingly. If your business is demanding for a website, then you can hire someone who can do this for you.

• An Application: Many-a-times, I have witnessed that going to a website is quite a burden for the people. On the other hand, accessing the same thing through an application engage more of audiences. So, a small or big android application with an impressive GUI (Graphical User Interface) for your business also comes under a good marketing strategy.

• Contacting A Right Digital Marketing Agency: If you are new in the market and don't know much about the marketing strategies but still want to expand your business, then you just need to pick your phone and call any of the agencies providing the top online marketing services. Everything thing is available to you, you just need to make the right choice at the right time, and half of your work is done.

• Collecting The Feedback: After all the planning and implementation of your digital marketing strategies well, all you need to focus on is the feedback. Feedback from your audiences is the key to all the marketing strategies, no matter whether it is offline or online. Having good feedback is the indication of the success of your digital marketing strategy. Moreover, no matter if the input is positive or a negative one, you need to stay connected with your audience.

So these were few ways through which you can make your digital marketing strategies more efficient. But always keep a thing in mind, "The one who focuses on his audience is a way far more successful than the one who focuses on making money."

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

SEO Checklist: Optimize Your Website Before it Goes Viral

Today Search Engine Optimization has become an important part of the website design and development process. Whether you are creating a business website or a personal website or maybe a news website, but you must take care of the various SEO elements before your website goes live on the internet. Earlier, people use to do the SEO of the website once it is already launched, but nowadays as things are turning fast it becomes important for the website owners to get on the Google search from the very first day and in order to do this it is important to take care of various SEO elements even before website is launched.
 Search Engine Optimization

Here, we are bringing you the top things required for the website before it goes live on the internet:

HTML Codes and Java Scripts:
HTML codes and Java scripts are two of the most important part of the website. These days many websites use java scripts because it provides users a great experience on the website and also makes a website easy to navigate. The use of Javascript and HTML codes should be done in a proportion that it should not affect the loading time of the website.
As a general rule, any website that takes more than 5 seconds to load on the browser is said to be the slow website and by the time website gets loaded on the browser, the user probably switched to another website. This increases the bounce rate of the website and from SEO prospective bounce rate is a vital factor. Therefore, make sure that you have optimized all the HTML codes and Java scripts.

Meta Tags:

Meta Tags are the tags that are essential for the search engines to read and known about every page of the website. The entire search engine read these tags and shows them in the search results. If your website doesn’t have the Meta tags on maybe Meta tags are not optimized then more likely your website should not be showing up at the top of the search results. 

There are two types of Meta tags
1) Meta Title Tag: This is the main heading tag which exits on the header of the website. The title tag of the website and its pages contain the website page title or heading. You may include some keywords in your title tag in order to make it more visible in the Search Results. Some people also include the brand name of their business or company in their title tags to promote their brand.
2) Meta Description Tag: like page title, page descriptions are also important for the search engines. The Meta description tags are the tags that provide information about the page in a short description. The Meta description should be short, simple and crisp. Please note that not the only search engine but users also read page description therefore while writing the page descriptions keep this in mind and try to keep it simple. The ideal length of the page descriptions is the 160 characters.

XML Sitemap:
The XML Sitemap is another most important part of every website. There are two sitemaps, one is the HTML sitemap and another one is the XML Sitemap. The XML sitemap is specially created for the search engines. When a search engine crawler or a bot visits the website, it first crawls the XML sitemap and from there it goes to other pages of the website. The XML sitemap of the website contains the URL of the pages of the website in the form of coding. There are now various plugins and tools available through which XML sitemap could be easily created. An XML sitemap could contain up to 50,000 URL and up to 10MB of file size.

Robots.txt file:

This is another important external file on the website that must be checked before making the website go live on the web. As the name suggests, Robots is basically a text file which is uploaded to the root folder of the website and it reads like this .

The objective of creating a Robots.txt file is to prohibit the search engine crawlers to crawl some specific pages, folders or files on the website. Sometimes, website owners don’t want the search engine to crawl the encrypted pages or privacy pages of the website like account information pages, member’s login, or check out pages. The robots.txt file is also used to block the search engine from crawling the 404 pages or duplicate pages on the website that could affect website’s visibility.
The example codes which are used in the “robots.txt” file to block particular folders, files or pages are shown below:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /cgi-bin
Disallow: /*?*

Google Analytic Code:
It is important for the website owners to track the visitors on the website since the very first day, therefore it is important to integrate the Google Analytic code on the website. This tracking code is generated through Google analytics and placed on every page of the website in order to track the users.
Google Webmaster Verification Code:
Google Webmaster or Google Search Console is free of cost website optimization tool provided by Google so those website owners or webmasters could improve crawl-ability of their website in Google search. The Google Webmaster provides details of various major or minor technical issues on the website that could be effective website’s crawl-ability.

Some major issues could be found through Google webmaster are:
• Crawl errors
• Server errors
• Duplicate title and descriptions
• Mark up data
• Security and Privacy issues
• Content related issues
• Search analytics
• WWW and Non-WWW issues
• Sitemap issues

So, considering the above factors while web designing & development of your website; will be beneficial to get an SEO optimized, Search engine friendly, branding & promotional website.

Monday, 5 February 2018

10 Best Digital Marketing Techniques to Focus on 2018

Digital Marketing is the promotion of product and brands via electronic media. In today's tech world, digital marketing is one of the best options adopted by sellers for marketing of their products and services. Digital Marketing itself is a massive word as it has multiple techniques and strategies. As Digital Marketing changes regularly, many of the policies we trusted in the past may not be useful now. But which approach to adopt for the business's success is still a question to ponder for the businesspersons because the right type of strategy can, in turn, lead to higher sales, new customers, and long-term growth. Hence, as a market leader, one should always be trendy to put the brand in front of the right audience, on the right channel, at the right point.

Looking forward, in this article, the writer has suggested ten new trends which are relevant for marketers across businesses of a range of sizes.

1Customer Experience
Customer experience is already driving digital marketing. Facing a significant disruption of the industry, companies have to rethink their customer experience to remain attractive. Digital Marketing Companies in India are engaged in creating unique platforms to derive target customers like shorter contents, more personalized and instantaneous videos and graphics.

2. Content Marketing

In 2018, Digital Marketing Services like content marketing will only be what matters the most for marketers, in B2B or B2C businesses, with whatever organization or budget. The link between content's frequency of publication and the number of customer interactions confirms the urge to implement a customer-centric communication, focused learning material, disruptive and exploratory work.

3. Mass Personalization
The goal of mass marketing is simple: collect the maximum customer behaviour data and analyze it with artificial intelligence algorithms and then develop customized targeting strategies. Big Data technologies, a service provided by the digital marketing agency, collect the massive amount of data from social networks, online purchases, mobile apps downloads and analyze it with artificial intelligence algorithm.

4. Conversion Optimization Rate
Conversion Optimization Rate (CRO) – which means increasing the percentage of users converting into customers through the website – will grow further in 2018's marketing strategies. There are many digital marketing agencies in India that provide CRO service which is closely related to search engine optimization (SEO) and can double the gains.

5. Cross-Devices Marketing     
Cross-device targets consumers across multiple platforms or devices. It involves sending messaging and advertising to reach audiences when and where they are ready to engage with your brand. You can build a complete cross-channel profile of your consumers by understanding audience’s habits across devices that provide data to target them more efficiently. Only the expert digital marketing companies provide such services.

6. Data-Driven Marketing
Data is the heart of marketing. Marketers have to analyze customer’s micro-segments to get data. Connected objects, more and more integrated into our daily lives, are collecting more and more data. Digital marketing services include this Data-Driven Marketing service that can forecast bright objects which can interact with the customer more collaboratively to know their needs.

7. Corporate Blogging
The proficient team of a Digital marketing company in Indore, CreativeClick, offers corporate blogging service which promises so many benefits like a market update, expert tip, news from the brand's perspective, optimize search, and convince customers. It provides a bridge to create a new relationship with the audience. 70% of customers learn about a company through its content, and corporate blogging can generate 67% more leads.

8. Content Marketing Automation
Once the content is created, it should be addressed to the right audience, at the right time. To get efficiency and regularity in publications, digital marketing agencies are referring to automation tools to promote content through various channels like social networks, newsletters, emailing campaigns etc.

9. Social Selling
75% of B2B customers use social networks to decide to purchase. Sales teams can adapt their offer specifically to their prospects and accompany them on the entire thinking process. Digital marketing company provides LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integrated Solution, with its 450 million subscribers as LinkedIn is number one professional social networks and also the priority for social sellers.

Chatbots are the perfect example of marketing automation solution impacting the business in 2018. These virtual assistants animated by artificial intelligence can bring customers their answers in real-time. The simplicity of installing this system on CMS convinced a lot of company to implement.

Many new technologies are waiting to hit the market. Few can amaze with their prediction/innovations. Few can fail to create the allure as the technology, consumer need and trend may change. However, the techniques outlined here are likely to pass and set its pattern to drive the marketing strategies.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

How to Design Creative Graphics Effectively?

Today Graphic Designing has become the most important service for any business. Nowadays, every business needs something special in order to make them stand out from other businesses and it is graphic designing that provide a unique identity to every business or a website.

These days, every business, company, or organization is having their own website and the most important element of a website is the graphics, visuals, and images. Graphics are not only used on the website, but they are also highly used in the printing materials like leaflets, banners, brochures, business cards and greetings.

 Graphics Design

Popular tools and software used for Graphics Designing:


Photoshop is a most popular graphics editing software by Adobe that is used by professionals for editing and modifying any photo. It can be used with any operating systems and is available in multiple languages. Photoshop can be used to create images from scratch to modify simple photos into a professional one.

In early days Photoshop was used to help image editing for the purpose of paper-based printing. But as technology advances, the functions are also been advanced. With the continued demand for image editing software’s, Adobe Photoshop has clearly emerged as an industries leading player.

How Photoshop can turn simple photos into professional ones.

1. Even if you are using SLR digital camera with red-eye reduction, it will still happen. Photoshop has red eye tool that will completely remove the red eye from the picture.
2. The user will be able to create photos with more brighter and more vibrant colors. Photoshop is used to clean up a photo as well as beautify its overall look.
3. Adobe Photoshop can be used to create Print Media, Web Media, Mobile Applications and in Image editing works.
4. It is possible to remove blemishes and the imperfections in the photos; one can remove and change the backgrounds in the photos
5. It can be used Photoshop to import the videos and the photos into the software quickly and easily.
6. Removal of background elements unwanted from the image
7. Cropping of elements out of the image


CorelDraw is exceptionally exact and solid. It gives most appropriate controls in terms of designing; however, you should find a tough way to learn it.

CorelDraw is most frequently and commonly used graphic designing application today. Previously CorelDraw was first drawing application that was fully window based application. Later some version of it was compatible with Apple Mac too. It is not compatible with Linux OS.

It provides wonderful tools and commands which are most useful in illustration and layout making. It is also capable to make graphical artists task easier, simpler and faster to understand.

The most popular logo design software is Corel Draw which is preferred by almost every logo designer because of its unique features.

Some of the main advantages of Corel Draw are listed below:

1. Fully customizable interface and tools that allows a user to change whatever he likes to.
2.  Corel is cheaper than other Logo design software packages.
3. It does not take too much time to download files and does not consume much space on your computer.
4. Corel Draw files can be converted to PDF.

Where is CorelDraw mostly used?

1. Stationery Designing
2. Magazine Designing
3. News Paper Designing
4. Books Designing
5. Illustration Making
6. Logo Making
7. Designing of Calendar

Adobe Illustrator

Today, Adobe Illustrator is one of the most widely used graphics designing tools by various designers all over the world. Unlike the Photoshop and Coral Draw, Adobe Illustrator creates the vector images that could be expanded to indefinite size without breaking the pixels.

This ultimate feature of the Illustrator makes it quite handy for the designers to create and print the huge banners, and graphics without sacrificing the quality of the image. The other important thing to know about the Illustrator is that it stores the images and data in dots and grids instead of the bitmap. Illustrator uses the math’s based equations in order to draw the images based on the math equations and calculations.

Advantages of using Adobe Illustrator
• It offers higher flexibility with customization.
• It has a very friendly user interface that allows users custom viewing of graphics.
• Unlike Photoshop and CorelDraw, Illustrator provides multiple options for text edits and its formatting.
• Illustrator increases the productivity by allowing a high level of multi-tasking for the designers.
• Since Illustrator use vectors, therefore, it allows the creation of graphics of indefinite sizes without losing their pixel strength and affecting its resolutions.

CreativeClick, a graphics designing company in Indore, India use the above software’s effectively and design the graphics as per the need of the client. These creative graphics help the clients to make their brand identity through Digital Marketing.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

What is the Importance of Graphic Designing in a Business?

"Graphic Designing" refers to an artistic and creative way of presentation and visual communication. Graphic design is a beautiful combination of words, pictures, numbers, photographs and illustrations. The designer can express their views or information in a more effective and colorful way with their designs.

Graphic designs are everywhere. It's almost everywhere in your reach. Pick up your morning paper and you will find lots-n-lots of designs and designer arts on it.

Role of Graphic Designing in a Business

Graphic designing is the creation of interactive graphic visuals and images which are used for branding & promotions of the business in different ways. It is not necessary that graphic designing is used only to promote the business. But in some cases, it is also used to serve the useful information to the users and the general public.

 Graphic Designing is mostly used to design the following:

• Website Graphics
• Magazines
• Flyers and Pamphlets
• Print Advertisements
• Stationary and Envelops
• Business cards
• Logo designing
• Brochures
• Internet banner advertisements
• Posters
• Invitations
• Catalogs
• Annual reports
• Newsletters
• Invoices
• Magazines

How graphic designing works?

Graphic designs are made mainly to delivering information in a more demonstrative manner in forms of pictures, graphics, and illustrations.

The type of designs and number of designs are worked out in coordination with the requirement of the client expressing their views very strongly.

Color's and fonts are few other factors that are chosen very carefully to make an amazing effect on the readers. Graphic designing not only includes creating graphic images but also their selection of right picture and colors.

Tools or software’s used in Graphic designing?

The graphic designing is nowadays becoming more and more advanced with a long list of tools flooded in the market. But few are the top favourite for every designer like Corel Draw Graphics Suite X4, Adobe Flash Professional CS3, QuarkXPress and Adobe Illustrator.

How can you learn/start graphic designing?

The Internet is flooded with millions of websites which teaches graphic and website designing. There are many career options that can force students to often pursue a general degree course to gain a solid understanding of the entire field.
Online courses are also available for learning graphic designing. Students work through many courses that are integrated into different learning opportunities.
The essentials of Graphic designs are covered in these courses where students can learn how to use the designing software. This includes working with JavaScript, InDesign, Photoshop, and HTML coding.

What Graphic designing companies offer to the clients?

The graphic designing companies offer a wide range of services as per the need for the business or a brand. Today, most of the businesses are going online and extending their business to outreach through the mobile applications and other online means. In this scenario, the graphic designing companies play an important role in promoting the business through creative and interactive graphics and visuals.

Listing some of the designing services offered by companies:
• Creation of the images and visual content for business website
• Creation of the Infographics and visual content for social media and other online promotional networks
• Creation of banners, brochures and other print material for business promotion
• Creation of business logo and business cards
• Creation of customizing content material with help of interactive designs and visuals

CreativeClick support companies to build their brand identity from scratch - from defining the brand message, brand logo, brand colours, fonts, logo and the emotions to connect with the target audience.
We also support our clients to apply all of these into a successful branded marketing campaign via our branding and printing solutions.